SYRCoDIS is directed to young members of scientific research groups specializing in the area of databases and information systems. The goal of the colloquium is to help young researchers to get familiar with the work of their colleagues, to exchange the experiences and to practice in delivering reports on international conferences.

At the same time SYRCoDIS is the major annual event of the Russian research community in the database field. SYRCoDIS is thought as a gathering forum to meet, discuss and exchange experiences among all those, both in the academy and industry, who are interested in database systems and in all their broad range of applications. Participants from all over the world are also welcome.

The colloquium was organized by Russian professors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tchelyabinsk state universities and Russian Academy of Sciences and is encouraged by scientists from other Russian and European universities. The role of older professors during SYRCoDIS is not to teach students but to listen oral presentations of younger researchers, discuss their results, and to advise them about improving their work and future conference papers.