Spring Colloquium for Young Researchers in Databases and Information Sytems, SYRCoDIS’2005
June, 1-3, 2005
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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June 8, 2005
SYRCoDIS 2005 proceedings are published.
May 24, 2005
Registration is open.
January 18, 2005
Deadline for paper submission is extended: January 31, 2005.
October 20, 2004
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Dear participants of SYRCoDIS'05,

to prepare badges we need you personal information. Could you please email to syrcodis2005@ispras.ru the following information (in English):

  • Your name
  • Your organization
  • For students and Ph.D. students, name of your supervisor

For coauthored papers we also need the names of authors who will be making reports.

If anybody else is going to participate in SYRCoDIS without making a report, please ask them to provide us with this info.

For coauthored papers we also need the names of authors who will be making reports.

Thank you in advance!


SYRCoDIS is directed to young members of scientific research groups specializing in the area of databases and information systems. The goal of the colloquium is to help young researchers to get familiar with the work of their colleagues, to exchange the experiences and to practice in delivering reports on international conferences. The colloquium is organized by Russian professors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tchelyabinsk state universities and Russian Academy of Sciences and is encouraged by scientists from other Russian and European universities. The role of older professors during SYRCoDIS is not to teach students but to listen oral presentations of younger researchers, discuss their results, and to advise them about improving their work and future conference papers.

Topics of Interest

We are interested in original papers dealing with both theory and/or applications of database technology and information systems. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Database theory
  • Core database technologies
  • Indexing techniques
  • XML and semistructured databases
  • Mobile information systems
  • Temporal databases
  • Data mining
  • New trends in information system design
  • Data integration
  • Functional techniques for data management
  • Parallel and distributed databases
  • Information retrieval
  • Machine learning
  • Multimedia databases
  • Multidimensional databases


We accept papers authored by students, PhD students and young researchers not more than 30 years old. Researchers not matching this age limit are allowed as co-authors provided that the report is presented by young author. Papers must be written and presented in English.

We admit original papers of the following types:

  • Research-in-progress reports which should contain an abstract describing the problem of interest and particular goals of research, a short description of related works of other researches with analysis of differences between the existing methods and ones proposed by the author, a summary of results achieved and future work. Normally, such papers should be solely authored (although the scientific supervisor should be specified). The length of such papers should not exceed 4 pages.

  • Full papers presenting the accomplished research up to 12 pages length. Such papers do not have limits on co-authors except that at least one of co-authors is a young researcher making a presentation on colloquium.

Every paper will be reviewed by at least three members of the Program Commitee and authors will get the reviews together with the notification of acceptance/rejection.

Papers must be formatted two columns to a page on A4 format paper. Use 10-point type in a clear, readable font (Times-Roman or equivalent). In order to help you format your submissions, we have provided sample files for both LATEX and Microsoft Word users:

To submit a paper, please send it as attachement at syrcodis2005@ispras.ru

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Dmitry Barashev (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Maxim Grinev (Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

Program Committee

Anatoly Bezdushny (Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Andrey Fomichev (Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Alexandr Khokhlov (University of Moscow, Russia)
Dmitry Kochnev (SmartPhoneLabs LLC, Russia)
Michal Kratky (Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Michael Kuznetsov (University of Moscow, Russia)
Sergey Kuznetsov (Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Dmitry Lizorkin (Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Dmitry Lutsiv (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Dmitry Maslov ("Sensors, Modules, Systems", Research and Innovation Company, Russia)
Mikolaj Morzy (Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
Igor Nekrestyanov (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Leonid Novak (Institute for System Programming of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Boris Novikov (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Ekaterina Pavlova (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Oleg Proskurnin (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Andrey Scherbina (University of Moscow, Russia)
Vladimir Serebryakov (Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Dmitry Shaporenkov (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Andrey Simanovsky (University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Tomas Skopal (Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic)
Leonid Sokolinsky (South Ural University, Russia)
Andrey Suslov (University of Moscow, Russia)
Pavel Velikhov (University of San-Diego, USA)
Maciej Zakrzewicz (Poznan University of Technology, Poland)
Mikhail Zymbler (South Ural University, Russia)

Important Dates

Papers submission deadline: January, 31, 2005 (Extended Deadline)
Notification of acceptance: March, 18, 2005
Camera-ready papers: April, 10, 2005
Colloquium: June, 1-2, 2005


June, 1
10:00 - 10:15
Opening Ceremony

Session I: Invited Lecture

10:15 - 11:30
Invited Lecture by professor Rainer Manthey
Deductive Analysis of Large Data Streams: A New Perspective for View Technology

Coffee break

Session II: XML I

Introducing Trigger Support for XML database systems
Maria Rekouts, Maxim Grinev

A Locking Protocol for Scheduling Transactions on XML Data
Peter Pleshachkov, Petr Chardin


Session III: Information Retrieval and Data Mining

Using relational operations to express association rules
Michal Burda, Marian Mindek, Jana Sarmanova

Discovery of Association Rules in Temporal Sequences
Elena Luciv

The Cluster Validation Based on the Sequential Patterns
Andrei Scherbina

Web Sites Automatic Summarization
Mikhail Kondratiev

Coffee break

Session IV: XML II

Towards Maintaining Path Selectivity Statistics in Distributed XML Stores
Yury Soldak

Deductive Approach to Semistructured Schema Evolution
Dmitry Luciv

Business meeting


June, 2

Session V: Traditional databases

Partitioning inverted lists for E-client evaluation of set-containment joins in main memory
Dmitry Shaporenkov

Finite State Automata - implement for data representation
Marian Mindek, Michal Burda

Recursive queries in SQL
Dmitry Letuchy

Object-Oriented Architecture of Relational Model "Selecting Objects"
Polina Cherkasova

Coffee break

Session VI: Modeling

Automated Model Transformation in MDA
Mikhail Kuznetsov

Simulating multiprocessor database system architectures
Pavel Kostenetsky

Closing ceremony


Walking tour to park of Peterhoff, boat trip to Hermitage


You can download the SYRCoDIS 2005 proceedings here. Also you can find bug fixes to the proceedings.

Colloquium Venue

The colloquium venue is a faculty of mathematics and mechanics of University of Saint-Petersburg which is located in University campus in Petrodvorets (Peterhoff), one of the most famous suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.

Campus web site:
http://campus.spbu.ru (Russian version)
http://campus.spbu.ru/index.en.html (English version)

Post address:
Universitetsky prospekt, 28, 198504, Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Transport Information

Campus is about 40-50 minutes driving time from Saint-Petersburg. You can get to campus:

  • by electric train from Baltiysky railway station (metro "Baltiyskaya") to "University" station (~45 minutes, 28 roubles single ticket). Trains usually depart every 30 minutes, according to timetable, but on working days there is a big gap from 10:00 to 12:30
  • by bus No.404 from Baltiysky railway station (~45-50 minutes, 27 roubles single ticket). The bus stop is on the square in front of the railway station, 20 meters from the metro exit/entrance. Departure every 20 minutes.
  • by route taxi (small shuttle bus) No.424, 424a from "Avtovo" metro station (~35-40 minutes, 27 roubles). The bus stop is on the side of Stachek prospect which is opposite to the metro station hall. Departure every 10 minutes.


We reserved few rooms in a student hotel "Universitetskaya" in campus:
which is 10 minutes walk time from the colloquium venue. If you wish to stay in this hotel please contact us ASAP (preferably till May, 1) and send your passport data.