Copyright (c) SYRCoDIS 2007 Team
Conference Program
The exact timetable is available in PDF format.

The conference program consists of
  • 2 invited talks;
  • 1 sponsor talk;
  • 10 contributed talks (2 full research papers and 8 research in progress reports). Note that 12 papers were accepted in a whole;
  • Russia - European Union forum;
  • Social events: Excursion around Moscow State University and Banquet.

Invited talks:
  1. Oleg Bartunov, Astronomical Databases Challenges;
  2. Egor Azanov, A practical approach to building robust text mining systems.

Sponsor talk:
       Isilon Systems, Clustered Storage

Contributed talks:
  1. Elena Lutsiv, Association Rules Discovery in Multivariate Time Series (#3)
  2. Irena Mlynkova, An XML-to-Relational User-Driven Mapping Strategy Based on Similarity and Adaptivity (#19)
  3. Maxim Lukichev and Dmitry Barashev, XML Query Algera for Cost-based Optimization (#2)
  4. Darja Solodovnikova, Data Warehouse Evolution Framework (#4)
  5. Il'ya Markov, VP-tree: Content-Based Image Indexing (#12)
  6. Alexander Zharkov, Performance Evaluation of Transaction Handling Policies on Real-Time DBMS Prototype (#13)
  7. Boris Kostenko, Temporal Preprocessor: Towards Temporal Applications Development (#14)
  8. Nikolay Samokhvalov, XML Support in PostgreSQL (#15)
  9. Denis Turdakov, Recommender system based on user-generated content (#16)
  10. Roman Pastukhov, A Method for Evaluating Full-text Search Queries in Native XML Databases (#17)

Contributed papers (without talks):
  1. Ladislav Izakovic, Stanislav Horal, Vaclav Snasel, Michaela Kalinova and Milan Gudaba. Geometrical approach for modelling semantics in linguistics (#5)
  2. Martin Polovincak, Hussam M. Dahwa and Vaclav Snasel. Concept Lattice Reduction by Singular Value Decomposition (#18)