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Accepted papers (in random order)

  • Vasyl Tereshchenko. Application of geometrical approaches to Information Retrieval
  • Ruslan Miniakhmetov. Integrating Fuzzy c-Means Clustering with PostgreSQL
  • Anton Pavlov, Boris Dobrov. Detecting Content Spam on the Web through Text Diversity Analysis
  • Yuri Gapanyuk. MVC web framework based on eXist application server and XRX architecture
  • Dmitri Vasilik. Modelling Snapshot Isolation Performance
  • Nikita Astrakhantsev. Extracting Objects and Their Attributes from Tables in Text Documents
  • Sergey Bartunov, Alexander Boldakov, Denis Turdakov. WikifyMe: Creating Testbed for Wikifiers
  • Anton Korshunov, Denis Turdakov, Jinguk Jeong, Minho Lee, Changsung Moon. A Category-Driven Approach to Deriving Domain Specific Subset of Wikipedia
  • Martin Davtyan. Heuristic data modeling in information systems
  • Constantin Pan. Development of a Parallel DBMS on the Basis of PostgreSQL
  • Kirill Smirnov, George Chernishev. Benchmarking inter and intra operator parallelism on contemporary desktop hardware