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Accepted papers are published as local proceedings of the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In addition, all accepted papers are published on the SYRCoDIS Web Site and are submitted to the CEUR-WS Web Site which is a well-known resource for computer science.

    Full Research Papers

  1. Detecting Content Spam on the Web through Text Diversity Analysis 11-18
    Anton Pavlov, Boris Dobrov
  2. MVC Web Framework Based on eXist Application Server and XRX Architecture 19-25
    Yuri Gapanyuk, Egor Lakomkin, Sergey Ionkin, Martin Davtyan
  3. Modelling Snapshot Isolation Performance 26-33
    Dmitri Vasilik
  4. A Category-Driven Approach to Deriving Domain Specific Subset of Wikipedia 43-53
    Anton Korshunov, Denis Turdakov, Jinguk Jeong, Minho Lee, Changsung Moon
  5. Benchmarking Inter and Intra Operator Parallelism on Contemporary Desktop Hardware 62-67
    Kirill Smirnov, George Chernishev
  6. Research-in-Progress Reports

  7. Application of Geometrical Approaches to Information Retrieval 3-5
    Vasyl Tereshchenko
  8. Integrating Fuzzy c-Means Clustering with PostgreSQL 6-10
    Ruslan Miniakhmetov
  9. Extracting Objects and Their Attributes from Tables in Text Documents 34-37
    Nikita Astrakhantsev
  10. WikifyMe: Creating Testbed for Wikifers 38-42
    Sergey Bartunov, Alexander Boldakov, Denis Turdakov
  11. Heuristic Data Modeling in Information Systems 54-56
    Martin Davtyan
  12. Development of a Parallel DBMS on the Basis of PostgreSQL 57-61
    Constantin Pan