Invited talks

Boris Novikov. SYRCoDIS: A Path to Quality and success

The primary objective of SYRCoDIS is to improve the international visibility of Russian research and make it more competitive. We start from retrospective overview of SYRCoDIS design and implementation and then proceed with discussion of research quality and measures of success. The requirements and expectations for research projects and industrial products are quite different and often incompatible. However, it is claimed that results of research should be applicable in real life.  We analyze well-known and not so well known  recommendations and guidelines for high-quality research and inspect the potential alternative paths from research to practical implementations.



Bernhard Volz. Towards a Better Tool Support for Modeling

A common challenge in modeling is to efficiently transcribe informally represented information into a formal model and to keep up the links between the informal source fragments and the reconstructed formal artifacts. Both, informal artifacts and links as evidence for the origin of formal model elements ease the process of model validation, for example as it may take place during a review. As models often consist of different aspects such as data, organizational roles and/or a flow of tasks and as these are each best described with respective languages, modeling languages need to be well integrated, too. Within this talk I want to introduce real-world scenarios stemming from the area of process management for elucidating the process of ‘modeling’ and show in detail, how tools may better support developers in their task of creating unified models. I will then discuss our current implementation and further outline how the results we reached so far may be transferred to a more concise and evidence-based process of (modeling) language construction, which will be part of our future work.