Venue and accommodation

Colloquium venue

The venue of SYRCoDIS 2013 is room # 106-b of ITIS KFU – 1/37, prof. Nuzhina st.


We plan to accommodate participants in comfortable housing units possessed by the University. The price for person/night is about 12 EUR (price per room/night)

There are few hotels nearby the colloquium venue:

• Hayall Hotel: 3,000‐3,500 RUB (72‐84 EUR).

In addition we suggest the following budget accommodation options:

• Hotel of the IT Park: 1,600 RUB (38 EUR)

• Ibis Kazan: 1,800 RUB (43 EUR)

All these hotels are within 10 minutes’ walk of the venue.

Social program

Bus tour

This sightseeing will feature visiting most famous places of Kazan including Tatar sloboda, Kamal theatre, Kazan Kremlin etc. The tour costs about $10 starts at 10 a.m. and lasts about 3 hours. After the tour those who like can climb a heliport at the top of Grand Hotel Kazan.

 Farewell dinner

The farewell dinner will be held in one of restaurants nearby the center of Kazan.

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