Accepted Papers

  • Daria Dzendzik, Sergey Serebryakov. Semi-automatic generation of linear event extraction patterns for free texts.
  • Galina Lezina, Artem Kuznetsov. Predict closed questions on stackoverflow.
  • Denis Fedorenko, Nikita Astrakhantsev, Denis Turdakov. Automatic recognition of domain-specific terms: an experimental evaluation.
  • Oxana Dolmatova. An Adaptive Approximate Algorithm For Join.
  • Chernishev George, Kirill Smirnov, Pavel Fedotovsky, George Erokhin and Cherednik Kirill. To Sort or not to Sort: The Evaluation of R-Tree and $B^{+}$-Tree in Transactional Environment with Ordered Result Set Requirement
  • Konstantin Abakumov. JSQ: Distributed querying of JSON stream data